Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 9

ACCESS is an Alabama program whose mission is to provide equal opportunity educational distance learning experiences to all Alabama students. This program is offered to all Alabama public school students so that they can better their education. One of the best features ACCESS offers is 14 advanced placement courses; they are approved by the College Board. ACCESS even offers ChemLab, which is a specialized simulation software for chemistry courses. On ACCESS's website, an Alabama virtual library is for teachers, students, and all citizens of the state.

ACCESS is an awesome program for high school students in the state of Alabama. I have never taken a distance learning course in a classroom; I have taken online courses. This program offers opportunities to students that would otherwise not be available. Funds are limited in many individual schools, and many courses are not offered because of the funding. Therefore, ACCESS is most students' best bet for bettering their education, especially through the advanced placement courses it offers. I am from Mississippi, and it would have been great if I had the opportunity in high school to take these type of distance learning courses.

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