Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 10

Morgan Bayda and Dan Brown "An Open Letter to Educators"

Morgan Bayda's post is a video about how lecture forms of learning are becoming extinct in schools and universities today. With new technology, it can be extremely hard for teachers and professors to keep students entertained. This is mainly true because most teachers teach by forms of essentialism, which is where students are extremely passive and learn mainly by memorization. Students disengage and mentally drop out, which eventually leads to physical dropout. This is sad because it does not necessarily mean these students are stupid or lazy; in most cases, they are extremely bored. I have to admit I have been bored to death in quite a few lectures because most teachers do not get their students actively involved.

When students are not actively involved, they do not want to attend class anymore. Most students feel the majority of classes they are taking are unrelated to their majors, which is normally true in the first two years of their college education. This means they have to get through these classes first; the problem is most students drop out before they ever get past these classes. I agree that we will finally be able to change the way lessons are taught if we choose to in our classrooms because we are the generation with

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