Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11th Assignment

Before EDM310, I had never used a blog. In fact, I honestly did not know exactly what a blog is. I am thankful that EDM310 has shown me the importance of blogging. Blogs can be an extremely helpful tool in classrooms. Blogs can help parents, teachers, and students communicate regularly and collaborate ideas to better the education of the students.

Mrs. Rose is an elementary math teacher. She uses her blog to give her students different links to help with their math skills. She says we should use technology because it is a natural way for them to learn. She posts math activities on her blog and pictures of events her classroom has participated in during the school year to keep her parents and students involved.

Enjoy learning English is a blog created specifically for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. This is wonderful for these students because it gives them different links that can help them want to learn English. One link on the blog leads to jokes; the author of this website says jokes are a natural way of learning that can be fun for these ESL students.

A Really Different Place is a blog for gifted children from grades K-7. This blog displays some of their work they complete in their gifted programs. One interesting area of the blog is the Doodle for Google projects. They had to creatively change the Google sign on Google's site. They displayed many unique designs, which you should check out at this site!

Blogs are going to continue playing an important part in the educational system, and we should be open to blogging. An infinite amount of blogs are available, and we should continue to look at different blogs for ideas in our classrooms!


  1. Great blogs you've found! Happy blog reading and good luck on your path to becoming a teacher.

  2. I have really enjoyed doing blogging in EDM! I love all the ways that teachers can use blogs to teach children. :) Blogs are great ways to find ideas for our own classrooms.