Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 4th Assignment

I have seen the "Your Baby Can Read" program many times on TV, and I have always told myself I will make sure I get this program for my children. I have a two and a half year old nephew, and I even thought about buying it for him. Children that can read at 9 months old is absolutely astonishing to me! It is important for parents to realize how incredible this program actually is. When I was in Kindergarten, I was not required to read. Instead, we played, napped, and wrote our letters. We wrote letters--not words; the words came in 1st grade when we started learning to read. If children began to read earlier, they might value literature more than most children do today.

Children who can read at such early ages absolutely amazes me, so you can imagine how inspirational Kaia's story was to me! Kaia's father sees the importance of involving your children at an early age. Although Kaia cannot read yet, her father is taking it one step forward by allowing her to blog with him. I have always thought I will be super protective of my children on the internet, but Kaia's father has given me a new outlook on the internet. My grandparents live about three hours away, and my children can keep in touch with them through Skype and blogging. These tools are going to be invaluable to me and my children one day. I am glad to see that Mr. C was also impressed by Kaia and allows his class to communicate with her. I hope to see the children of today blogging more and more often!

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