Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Assignment for April 18

Commenting for Children

Children thrive on compliments from anyone, especially from adults. My favorite part of this class was commenting on children's blogs. Children are super creative, and even though I will one day be a secondary education teacher, I still love looking at younger children's works. I have read stories on children's blogs, viewed their drawings, and read about historical events through their own words. One blog was a creative story by two fifth graders using adjectives. Their story was about a scary spider, and their usage of adjectives astonished me because they used adjectives well above their grade level. Another blog was on the French Revolution from a fourth grade child. I saw an illustration from a first grader of a lion, and she wrote a short sentence describing her picture. I love being around my five year old niece because she lights up any time I tell her good job or to give me a high-five. When we compliment a child's work, it is the exact same thing as giving them a high-five.

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