Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PLN- Post Number 2

I have continued working on my PLN (Personal Learning Network), and I plan to use this in the future to help me become a better educator. A PLN is great because it helps to converse with teachers all over the world, not just teachers who work at the same school. It also enables teachers to share the works of their students with other teachers so that they can collaborate and share ideas about the students' works. My PLN is still evolving, and I am sure it will never quit. I hope that it grows forever because this shows I am still actively involved in my career and concerned about the education of my students.

Facebook has been the main source for my PLN. I have joined teacher organization groups, groups for high school students, and groups for math students. Some websites, such as, even allow parents to join so that teachers and parents can converse. This is wonderful because it keeps the parents involved in their children's educations. I am thankful for my PLN because it allows me to have tons of "pen pals" all over the world and be able to relate to other educators. Every educator's style is completely different, and a PLN allows us to collaborate and pull ideas together so that we can make our styles and beliefs better for our students. I am glad EDM310 made me start a PLN because it is something that has already proven to be useful for me!

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